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Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Hello! I'm Wild Tiger who falls in love with the actresses he sees in his dreams! I've been trying to be a Hero for as long as I can remember, but thanks to Mr. Legend and my wife, I finally found the power to do so! I've had some rough times with my new partner Barnaby Brooks Jr., but we were an awesome team! Now I find myself in the perils of being a Hero without an affiliation! It's not going too well, so I try to earn some money by being a taxi driver.

((Independent RP-blog for Tiger&Bunny's Wild Tiger! I don't bite, I am open to (almost) everything, so send me an ask! :3 There's just one thing I won't do: I'm not going to smut... I promised, sorry guys. ;x; ))
Apr 16 '14

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Apr 16 '14



" As matter of fact, I finished my work a few hours ago."

"Oh. Did you?" Kotetsu asked, looking up with a mixture of hope and curiosity. "So, um, you’re free right now?"

Apr 15 '14



One weird piece of information I have, related to The Rising, is that after watching the movie some japanese fans were convinced that Ryan was the Trunks from Tiger&Bunny.

He came from the future to make sure mom and dad stay together.

This is why Ryan does what he does at the end of the movie.

This is why he has Kotetsu’s pose and Barnaby’s ego.

Σ◈☛ᄒωᄒ)☛  < Yo, I am the best son!

I will say Oedipus complex.


I wouldnt call it a spoiler though just fan rumor.

Apr 15 '14

(( OOC: Anybody in the mood for some AUs? Will accept them also over Skype, if you wanna. (=・∞・) ))

Apr 15 '14

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You will be added to the masterlist whether you are an indie or an afflicted blog. Just so that new blogs can find others and such. I realizes that this fandom is a little quieter than most. OC’s count as well!