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Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Hello! I'm Wild Tiger who falls in love with the actresses he sees in his dreams! I've been trying to be a Hero for as long as I can remember, but thanks to Mr. Legend and my wife, I finally found the power to do so! I've had some rough times with my new partner Barnaby Brooks Jr., but we were an awesome team! Now I find myself in the perils of being a Hero without an affiliation! It's not going too well, so I try to earn some money by being a taxi driver.

((Independent RP-blog for Tiger&Bunny's Wild Tiger! I don't bite, I am open to (almost) everything, so send me an ask! :3 There's just one thing I won't do: I'm not going to smut... I promised, sorry guys. ;x; ))
Apr 23 '14

Kotetsu had been drunk, too drunk to stay inside the Hero’s Bar for any other minute. Quickly he had made his way outside, passing by other guests who quickly recognized him as who he was, cheered for him, but for once, he spared them no glance, current task more important than tending to the steadily growing number of fans.

He managed to push outside, hurry into the next dark and shady looking alley and emptied his stomach onto the dark and dirty ground. Damn this stupid newcomer, Lion or whatever his name was, for being able to outdrink him! It seemed like those guys from the old continent were indeed able to hold more liquor than he could and he usually prided himself with being able to outdrink Antonio at times! But he guessed the mix of snacks, sake, wine, beer and vodka was even too much for his old stomach to handle. Next thing he knew was that a collection of glasses stood in front of him and that he didn’t even know what the last thing was that he had drunk. His only consolation was that this giant hunk of a man called Lion (was that really his name?!) was lying face down on the table, out cold.

Bunny had been there as well, but more as a judge than anything else, so when Kotetsu took his leave just then, he just yelled a warning after him that he shouldn’t vomit anywhere important.

Which Kotetsu hadn’t done, so he was pretty proud with himself as he leaned his hot head against the cold stone wall in an attempt to make the world stop spinning around him. He also wished that the ground would stop shaking, but as that didn’t stop even when he stomped his foot down, he realized that he wasn’t the cause for that, but that the shaking ground was quite real.

Quickly he tried to remember what he had learned about earthquakes in school. ‘Find a place that’s in little danger of falling debris.’ Well, good luck finding such a place in Sternbild with all its skyscrapers that had been built so closely together! Also, he didn’t remember any records of earthquakes in Sternbild ever, so what the heck was going on? Was Lion-kun using his powers in drunken stupor or what?!

Suddenly there was a flash of light before all surrounding lights went out.

Correction: All surrounding electricity went out, even that of his watch and his cell phone.

"A power outage? After an earthquake?" he mumbled out loud, trying to assess the situation. While both events were pretty likely to happen after the other, these things just didn’t happen in Sternbild. Plus, the flash of light didn’t add up to the whole picture.

Well, there didn’t seem to be any debris from above, so no damage done. The power should be back after the officials worked on it, too. No problem. Nothing that would require a hero to jump into action.

"Kotetsu!" he heard Barnaby yell over to him from the general direction of the Hero’s Bar. "Kotetsu! Are you okay?!"

From the distance, he could see the faint blue glow that surrounded the younger hero and he sighed fondly. “I’m here, I’m fine, nothing happened.”

"Tch, I told you the old man would be okay. No need to get your panties in a hunch, Junior-kun," Kotetsu also heard Ryan’s snide baritone cut in and for some reason he was glad to have these two come to his rescue. They were probably Sternbild’s most able and popular Heroes, and they both had come to help him. That was really nice.

Before Kotetsu could dwell on that thought any further though, Barnaby spoke up again.

"Kotetsu… What’s that thing behind you?"

Turning around, the older man spotted some movement to his right, where the flash of light had been earlier. It was hard to see without his powers and in the dark, but there was some movement.

"What the…"

Apr 23 '14

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Apr 23 '14


He leaned closer, snarling in the older mans face , eyes glowing even more red. ” You have some nerv.. I must say. But it’s stupid.” Ouro thrusted his fangs down into Kotetsu’s neck. 

Sharp, hot pain shot through him as his neck felt like it was being shredded, followed by a sharp burning sensation. His first instinct was to push the beast away, but he remembered that it was never a good thing to do when an animal had just bitten into you. Instead, he continued his struggles in hopes the beast’s jaws would slacken before he was drained out of all his energy.

Apr 23 '14


As he had missed him as well, he thought some time together may be a good idea for old times sake.


" Well, what do you have in mind?"

"Well… Er, I dunno?" Kotetsu replied eloquently, looking a little lost as his hands seemed to weigh up something. "Basically… I’m free for… um, I don’t know how long. Pretty long. So, we could… go and eat something, go to the amusement park, have a drink, a coffee or just go for a walk around the city or the park…"

He trailed off, realizing that he was rambling. “Sorry… It’s just… um. I kinda miss doing everything with you. A little bit.”

Apr 22 '14

I am—
Exceptionally confused by this.


I am—

Exceptionally confused by this.