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Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Hello! I'm Wild Tiger who falls in love with the actresses he sees in his dreams! I've been trying to be a Hero for as long as I can remember, but thanks to Mr. Legend and my wife, I finally found the power to do so! I've had some rough times with my new partner Barnaby Brooks Jr., but we were an awesome team! Now I find myself in the perils of being a Hero without an affiliation! It's not going too well, so I try to earn some money by being a taxi driver.

((Independent RP-blog for Tiger&Bunny's Wild Tiger! I don't bite, I am open to (almost) everything, so send me an ask! :3 There's just one thing I won't do: I'm not going to smut... I promised, sorry guys. ;x; ))
Aug 27 '12
  1. wild-rookie said: ooc: g’niiiiiiiight, sleep tight! c:
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